Water in fuel will cause 
the motor not to run
properly, if at all

Water will also cause
internal damage to
carburetor components

Best recommendation
Keep your fuel checked,
USE fuel treatment
that works for ethanol
and has a water

WATER damage
is NOT covered by

ALWAYS Check Oil

BEFORE Starting Motor

For Operation of Equipment


  • Never mower wet grass

                  Wet grass will stick to your mower deck and cause                   premature rusting of the deck and damage to the                     deck components

  • Keep mower decks cleaned off to prevent damages or premature wear to deck components
  • On equipment with pneumatic tires - keep the air pressure checked - most riding mowers need 15psi or 20psi in each tire

                  Uneven air pressure will cause mowers to cut                           unevenly

  • Keep corrosion off the battery terminals

                 Clean terminals with a wire brush and spray with                     penetrating oil (such as PB Blaster or WD-40)

  • NEVER jump start your mower battery with an automobile

                 Jump starting can damage your mower battery and                   can cause damage to the charging system on your                   motor

  • Due to ethanol in the fuels...Run your equipment a minimum of ONCE A MONTH to keep the fuel from breaking down
  • We highly recommend the use of an ethanol treatment with fuel stabilizer - but you still need to run the equipment to prevent sediment build up in the carburetors
  • ALL air cooled motors should be allowed to run at an idle to cool down at least 60-90 seconds and then shut off at an idle---this will prevent most back fires---back fires cause muffler expansion and internal baffles loosen and the muffler then does not provide the necessary back pressure to the motor which can cause engine damage

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If you feel you have a

repair and feel it should be covered by warranty, YOU MUST

PROVIDE us with a form of 

Proof of Purchase - This is a

manufacturer requirement for

warranty coverage CONSIDERATION by the manufacturer. We do not make the final decision on warranty, the manufacturer does.


Warranty is against defects in material and workmanship.

Maintenance related issues or damages caused during use are NOT warranty issues.


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and need help with assembly

or knowledge on proper and 

safe operation...


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Ethanol is causing fuel
system damage

ETHANOL damage
is NOT covered by

Best recommendation
USE Ethanol Fuel